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Trowulan (Majapahit Kingdom Track)

 SGD 115

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 Meal: No Meal

Activity Level: 75%

Features: Temples, Archeological Museum

Duration: 7 Hours

Participants: Min 2 Pax Adults

SGD 115; Adults

SGD 95; Child

   The Majapahit Kingdom ruled eastern Java for more than two centuries starting in 1293, exerting political, economic, and cultural influence over most of Indonesia at its peak. Trowulan was capital of the kingdom. Come explore more about this mysterious ancient kingdom.

Trowulan Archeological Museum: The museum officially opened in 1987, it was built for the purpose of  displaying and preservingthe historical treasures discovered in the vicinity of the old Majapahit capital.

  Pendopo Agung Trowulan: It is an open air pavilion  believed to be the main building of Majapahit Palace. You can walk on the ancient ruins including the gateway of  Bajang RatuTemple, famous for its strikingly sculpted Kala Heads, and Tikus Temple, a venue once used for ritual bathing and cleansing. Be amazed by the historical archaelogy since all temples and buildings were made of brick.



Ride from the port to Trowulan takes about 2 hours one way.